Introduction to Finland

Finland, one of the Scandinavian country in Northern Europe. In 1917 Finland declared itself independent from Russia. The neighboring countries are Sweden on the West, Norway on the North, Russia on the East and Estonia on the South across over the Gulf of Finland.

Finland have thousands of lakes (~ 188,000) and islands (~ 179,000). Finland have wonderful seasons and scenery over the year. It is one of the most safe countries to live in and it also has one of the most clean air in the world. Finland's population is around 5.5 million and the capital, Helsinki which is located on the South, is the largest city in Finland. Helsinki is a popular stopover between Asian and Europe. In 2012, Helsinki was celebrated as the World Design Capital.

Rovaniemi, located at Northern Finland is the hometown of Santa Claus. It has became a must-visit destination for travelers visiting Finland. It's also famous with its stunning fall season, Ruska and for unforgettable Northern Lights spotting.

Finland have many popular characters like Santa Claus, Moomims and Angry Birds which are all world famous. Finnish design such as Marimekko, Iittala and Arabia is also a highlight for many tourists.

On 2017, Finland will celebrate its 100 years birthday and it'll be an amazing year. The Helsinki will be full of different kinds of activities through the year for the celebration. Come to join us to celebrate this wonderful year.